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LP Pricing

LP Pricing

Sparta Coop PropaneFor LP Service Call - 269-2255
After Hours and Weekend Service Calls Do Incur Additional Charges

Home Heating (200 Gal. Minimum) Effective 8-14-13. Call In Orders - Please call for Rack Price

Summer Fill: June and July

Fall Contracting: September

(Contract Period: September 1 - March 31)

On Route Day 

General LP Policies

  • Call in orders are due by 4:00 pm one business day before your route day to facilitate routing trucks.  If not, a non-route fee will be added.  For route schedule, see bottom of this page.
  • If tank runs empty twice in a heating season, the tank will be pulled from the property.
  • If an LP bill is not paid under normal terms (30 days for LP), tanks may be pulled.
  • If there is any tampering with the tank, LP lines, regulators by any unauthorized, unlicensed personnel, the tank will be pulled from the property.  This or any other action that compromises safety in any way is unacceptable and Sparta Coop will not allow our equipment to be involved!

Pricing Notes

  • Minimum Delivery 200 gallons or a complete fill for posted price.
  • Between 100 & 200 gallons add $.50 per gallon to posted price.
  • $50.00 charged for non-route day deliveries.
  • $85.00 charged for after hours and weekend deliveries.
  • $35 for "Out Of Product" leak test 1st time (must be someone home during test).
  • $50 for "Out Of Product" leak test 2nd time (must be someone home during test).  Tank will be pulled before next heating season.
  • If tank runs empty 2 times in one season, tank is pulled.
  • On all accounts out of credit terms, tank is pulled.
  • Moving existing tanks charged $50.00 per hour plus materials.
  • Pump out fee for pulling LP out of tank for tank change is $75 minimum.
  • All misc. labor charges are billed at $50.00 per hour.
  • Low usage fee of $49.00 per year if amount per year used is less than tank size.  Example:  A customer with a 500 gallon tank must use 500 gallons from Sept.1 to August 31st.

New Tank Sets

  • Charge per foot for copper lines (market price per foot).
  • Normal set with 2 hours labor is included.  Additional hours billed at $50.00 per hour.
  • Charge for stage two regulator on house is $65.00.
  • Stage one regulator on tank is property of Sparta Coop.
  • We do not set primary usage tanks of less than 250 gallons.
  • Change out-dated stage two regulator on house $65.00 + tax.
  • Lifetime tank lease is $10.00.
  • Someone must be home when tanks are set.

Route Schedule

Monday - Norwalk, Wilton, Tomah 16 East, Coles Valley, Rod & Gun, Impala, John Street
Tuesday - Cataract, Little Falls, Rolling Hills
Wednesday - Cashton, Leon, Fish Creek, Ontario
Thursday - Bangor, 16 West, Big Creek, Iberia
Friday - Angelo, Tomah 21, Bush Prairie, Warrens