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Welcome to Sparta Co-op Services!

Sparta Co-op Services was established in 1996 from the merging of Sparta Co-Op Exchange and Sparta Co-Op Oil. This combination gave Sparta Co-op Services an established consumer clientele teaming up with our farming community patrons to give us a diversity necessary for us to flourish in any business climate. Our mission is to provide our local Monroe County patrons with top notch products and services. That requires us to keep up on new technologies and better ways to use it for our local customers.

Our Grain and Fertilizer Departments have grown tremendously over the last few years being driven by change in the economics of agriculture. Mr. Tire has the automotive products and services to keep the wheels rolling on older and late model vehicles alike. Our propane delivery business has thrived by giving great, dependable customer service for heating fuel when you need it most. And the Sparta Coop Cenex convenience store is the friendliest store in town for all your fuel, snacks, soft drinks, specialty hot dogs and fresh made pizzas.

All this in a business that is locally owned and operated with local employees. Our families and friends are our customers, and that's the way we like it. Stop in or call. You'll be glad you did!

Picture from 8-26-16

New Hwy. 27 Cenex

Visit our new store!  New food offerings like breakfast sandwiches, specialty hot dogs, a beer cave and a bigger selection of snacks.  Bigger, brighter but best of all, the same great Cenex Team ready to assist you.  Still the friendliest stop in Sparta.

An Arby's restaurant opened in November 2016 and has become a big hit in the community.  Food & Fuel at Arby's and Cenex.  Can't beat that!