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Grain Prices

Grain Prices

All grain priced as delivered to Sparta Coop Grain facility on Hemstock Drive off South Water Street in Sparta.  Turn east between Brooks Excavating and the Sparta Chamber of Commerce building (the old train depot building) and follow the road east.  The blacktop road ends on our property.

All grain is priced based on the "Cash Price" live quotes displayed on this website fed by DTN. Sometimes, the DTN service has problems and glitches that cause prices to be displayed inaccurately. Therefore, please always call to verify prices.  Moreover, sometimes the cash bid display does not temporarily display prices at all (especially at the beginning of a week or month). A grain transaction isn't done until we have agreed on a price and delivery date. We reserve the right to quote a fair price based on the actual value and not on the website display. 

Scott Flock - 608-269-5201

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Sparta Coop Grain Prices